Toddler Mornings

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Term time only)

Toddler Morning Update!

As our regular customers have no doubt noticed, our toddler mornings have got much busier now the weather is wetter and colder. Having listened to customer feedback, we have decided to extend the times of the toddler mornings to allow for 'two sessions'!!! This should ensure that everyone gets the benefit of the 'Free toddler lunchbox ' (worth £4.50!), whilst at the same time will help spread the number of visitors over a longer period. On this basis, we hopefully won't have to turn people away as we are full and it will also help with parking!

We are therefore going to run the Toddler Mornings for arrival between 10am and 2pm. Bands will definitely be called on these days, so the two sessions are likely to fall 10am to 12pm and then 12pm to 2pm. On busy mornings the first band call out inevitably sees our car park empty, hence will assist with parking for those visiting for the second session. It will also mean that those customers who wish to eat lunch with their children can do so, if they attend the second session.

We will still take admissions in between these sessions, as long we have space and the centre is not full and they have found parking.

We are pleased to confirm that this will come into effect from
Monday 10th November.

Tokens must be redeemed at the servery by 2.30pm


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